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This very impressive post office in the picturesque health resort Dießen am Ammersee from 1924 doesn’t have too many modernist features. It can be located far on the Heimatstil end of the architectural spectrum of the Bavarian Postbauschule. Unlike the more modern buildings of Robert Vorhoelzer, the main principle is symmetry: The entrance is exactly in the middle of the cube with three window axes on both sides. There are almost no hints to the function of the building – it could as well be a schoolhouse. But it fits the context well, being situated opposite of the old Ammerseebahn-train station from 1901.

Postamt Dießen (Robert Vorhoelzer, Alfred Bramigk, Guido Harbers, 1924)

Although Robert Vorhoelzer seems to have supervised this building, the main architects responsible for this building were Alfred Bramigk and Guido Harbers (1897-1977). The latter is known for the overall direction of the explementary settlement Ramersdorf (Mustersiedlung Ramersdorf, 1933-34), a contribution to the German Settlement Exhibition, and the Maikäfersiedlung in Munich (1935-37).


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