Former post office headquarters in Munich (Oberpostdirektion)

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Ehem. Oberpostdirektion (Vorhoelzer, Werner, 1922-24)

Another very fine example of bavarian post architecture is the former Oberpostdirektion München (post office headquarters) on Arnulfstraße 60. This building has been constructed by Robert Vorhoelzer and Georg Werner, who later became famous for their exceptionally modern buildings of the Bayerische Postbauschule in 1922-24 (see for example here) and was at its time the largest administrative building in town. It originally comprised 530 rooms on 40,000 sqm office area.

The remarkable expressionist window décor has been designed by Eugen Kindler. In 2005 the building has been sold to a property fund and is currently being renovated and marketed as “Art Déco Palais Munich”. And please don’t ask me what those strange pyramids are doing on the roofs of the seven-story towers on the corners of the building. Feng-shui or public art? In any case they diminish the noble appearance of the ensemble.

Ehem. Oberpostdirektion (Vorhoelzer, Werner, 1922-24)

Ehem. Oberpostdirektion (Vorhoelzer, Werner, 1922-24)

Ehem. Oberpostdirektion (Vorhoelzer, Werner, 1922-24)

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